Holy Cinderella

“Jesus loves you,” they’d tell me at the orphanage over and over…and over…and over again. That was the answer I get. That was the name I had so many questions about. I was only 11 years old. My mother had to lie to me so I don’t go after her and I stay at the orphanage. My oldest brother passed away when he was only 14. Shot by a security guard right in the forehead during a robbery with his “friends”. I was only four. Soon after, my father passed away. Hit by a semi-truck while he was walking home from work…drunk as always. I was just 8 years old. So my mother was left with all of us: Manang (big sister), Rhea, Dodong (young brother), Julieta, me, Juna and Rene, Lanie, and Warren.

I don’t know exactly which part of that story exclaims “Jesus loves me.” Why would someone ruin my life when it was already a disaster in the first place then say He loves me? I had my doubts…but I knew and felt He existed. I just needed to comprehend His version of love.

But He does love me. He showed me and made me look back. Laying them out for me to see why I needed Him. The orphanage was only the beginning of my spiritual journey with this Father who claims himself as the author of my life. This journey continues today until my last breath here on earth. So, I want to share this journey with others as I gain knowledge and wisdom from the mysteries of my daily life.

To present my spiritual Rags to Riches manifestation.

2 thoughts on “Holy Cinderella”

  1. Janice, you are amazing. I have said that so many times, but you just keep being more amazing. I am so proud of you. Life is hard, but God is good. You communicate those facts so well. Thank you for using the talents and personality that God has given you to teach and show others that life can be hard, but GOD is always GOOD.


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