Hope For Daisy

Dear Daisy,

Do you know you stand for innocence? Purity? New beginnings? Of all the flowers, you show such great strength and fortitude. I have repeatedly wondered how a delicate flower can endure the crucibles of life. Though other daisies whisper their goodbyes when the sun has set below the horizon, you do not. You stay awake…throughout the night. You keep moving forward knowing no two seconds in time are the same. Delicate and so purely elegant, you carry the golden sun and the soft clouds with your stem. You are the core held in praying hands, the heart of hope. It is the hope of Daisy. You carry that for which people hold their breath. Even when the sky bleeds the tears of the disheartened, you stand in the midst of it all shining as if the heavens are ocean blue.

Camera 360So, dear Daisy, do not lose your sun. I have hope for you. I stand strong for you. I praise the Lord for you. I smile because you bring warmth to the days that seem to never end. On the days when I think I am not worthy. On the days when I feel weak. On the days when I think I don’t deserve to see the sun, I think of you.

I deserve to see the courage of a warrior. I deserve to see the power of hope. I want to see the resilience of a seasoned fighter. For such a little flower, I look to you because our God created something so small yet so powerful that you could stand in the midst of a storm…and not be shaken. So, I will hold your hand, dear Daisy. I will hold it and stand in the storm with you. I will hold your hand and embrace the sun you willingly project. I will take your hand and witness the miracles of our God once more.

Please, dear Daisy…


To learn more about Daisy’s story: Hope for Daisy

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