The Future In My Hands

apartmentAs a good friend and I walked out of the Connor Apartment downtown where I had recently moved before I went home for Christmas, we were met by the typical Laramie winter wind chill. It had started to snow outside. I was eagerly waiting for it all week. My eyes widened in excitement…then in disappointment. I realized I wasn’t dressed warm enough. I shrugged it off and braced for the cold in my face. We crossed the street and headed for the Thai restaurant across my apartment where we had all decided to meet up before going bowling.

We told each other jokes. We laughed. We talked about spiritual matters. We ate. An announcement was made that my good friend who was going to a missionary school was staying after all. As these moments were happening all around me, I was caught zoning out twice. Before going out that night, I was talking to my mom over the phone about the matters of my heart. I had to let all of her words sink in, but I wasn’t able to do so discreetly.

After we finished dining, we headed for the front desk to pay for our food. As I stood in line, I noticed a young Asian lady was still sitting on the bench by the door on her phone. She had been there since we came in. After I paid for my meal, I sat down beside her while I waited for the others. I turned to one of my friends who was standing by the door and exclaimed,

“We didn’t get our fortune cookies!”


As soon as I said that, I realized we weren’t in a Chinese restaurant. The lady beside me looked up from her phone and reminded me of that too. Then she asked me if I like the cookies or reading the fortune. I told her I didn’t like the cookies which my friends were surprised about. Then I proceeded to tell her I like reading the fortunes because I find them funny. Then she asked for my hand. It didn’t click to me what she was intending to do. So, I held out my hand to her without any question. She then started to read my palm.

Part of me couldn’t move. I didn’t know why I didn’t take my hand back. I didn’t believe in palm reading or fortune telling. But I didn’t want to seem rude so I didn’t move. At that moment, I felt disturbed. It wasn’t only because I didn’t want her to falsely tell my future. It was because it was against what I believe in. It disturbed me spiritually most of all. She had generically stated about my difficult past which a few of my friends already knew about. It was unwelcome.

My heart reached out to God praying the devil didn’t get to me because I know he will do anything to hurt me. He is always prowling; ready to attack at any second.

But I prayed hard…I prayed and stood my ground.

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